Total Ideas  :  50
Good for senior citizens. Earlier we use to have TV antennas to receive the signal. Due to digitization and need for clarity, govt has now made it mandatory to install SetTopBox. We only think about Tata Sky, AirTel or Reliance dish antennas which needs monthly recharge of 320 Rs. However, there is a simple SetTopBox available which has 150+ channels(including DD Regional, DD National etc) and is absolutely free from the monthly charges. 
It only has one time installation charges +  device charges.

Available at most of the local electrical stores near you.
Santosh Deshmukh      Mar 18 2016 07:05 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General

                                    Problem Statement : You want to project Laptop, Mobile content(audio,video,images) on big TV screen or on even bigger white wall using HDMI projector.

Use cases : Hospitals, Tourism Office etc where you want to push videos, presentations, ads using your smart phone or laptop to the flat screen HD TV for larger crowd to view.

Proposed Solution : Amazon Fire Stick is the answer. Cost =4K. Available= / Chroma / Reliance Digital

Requirement : Your TV needs to have HDMI1 / HDMI2 ports( which are similar to USB ports ). Note : Please ensure your HDMI ports are in working condition by connecting  Digital Camera with HDMI cable or by taking a demo of Amazon Fire Stick before you make a purchase.

Whats more : You can also take Amazon Prime membership for Rs 999/- per year and watch thousands of TV serials, international movies using your internet. And remember, it would consume only as much data as your mobile would, to view videos or audio songs or any other media content. 

Amazon Fire Stick : Just a receiver that takes wireless input using WiFi from your mobile or laptop and displays on big HD TV or HDMI Projector.

Tollfree Call: 1800 3000 9011
Santosh Deshmukh      Dec 25 2017 10:05 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Technology
Problem Statement : Driver training in INDIA basically contents basic driving & related safety training ,however there is no specific training  for Unexpected events as driving in rains, avoiding a hit, police driver's for chasing perfectly  without a non-expected hit etc etc high risk events involved during vehicle drivings.
Proposed Solution : Professional as me are available in market who can utilise their vast experience in Vehicle evaluations & advance driving techniques  for such training purposes. This will help in saving lives as well as improve skill & profesional level of driving as per needs
Guest User      Apr 20 2017 11:59 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative
Problem Statement : students don't know about latest technology 

Proposed Solution : universities should focus on practical knowledge rather than theory 
Guest User      Nov 20 2017 01:11 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Suggestion
Problem Statement : Currently Hsg Soc sector is not managed, especially for the maintenance services. Vendors charge whatever they feel apt without are credentials. Also, Its very difficult to find a plumber, painter, carpentor. Also the margin in buying items from hardware shops is huge(almost 40%). Vendors et a % commission against the material he suggests you to buy for carrying out the work.

Proposed Solution :Al this can be streamlined by creating a simple mobile app where wholesellers would be listed and appropriate charges of services would be displayed so that people would know how much extra the vendor is demanding and also get into details of work at greater depth.
Santosh Deshmukh      Dec 04 2017 06:20 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Mobile App
Santosh Deshmukh      Sep 10 2017 03:19 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General

                                    Problem Statement : It's difficult for Car owners to keep a track of last change made to :
1. Tyres, 
2. Battery, 
3. Engine oil, 
3. Coolant, 
4. Insurance, 
5. PUC or any other major component of their car. 

They have to heavily rely on the car servicing agency.
Proposed Solution : Come up with a mobile app named "Sarathi" which helps you track the service details and notifies you in advance so that you can plan better for your car service expenses.

Using this app, car owners would be able to keep a track of all the details of their vehicle and receive notifications much in advance so as to avoid any last minute rush or inconvenience.

Please suggest name for this App.

Shofer / CarSathi / Carculator /   CarSarthi ?

Santosh Deshmukh      Jul 23 2016 10:15 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Mobile App

Fuel(Money)-Saving Tips for Drivers :

I recently drove my car all the way from Pune to Chennai getting an average of 23+ KM per litre.

1. Drive smoothly : Smooth driving ensures better traffic sense, lane discipline, avoiding fatalities.

 It not only eases your mental pressure while driving but also makes other driver's life comfortable. 
 Importantly it saves fuel that eats your pocket.

2. Regular servicing : Have your car tuned regularly. 
 An engine tune-up can improve car fuel economy by an average of 1 KM per litre.

3. Tyre Pressure : Keep your tires properly inflated. 
 Prefer NITROGEN which eliminates tyre rusting and also keeps the pressure constant even on long drives. 
 Under-inflated tired can decrease fuel economy by up to 1 KM per litre.

4. Slow down : The faster you drive, the more fuel your car uses. 
 Driving at recommended 50-55 KM/Hrs speed, reduces fuel consumption.

5. Avoid sudden starts : Abrupt or sudden starts require about twice as much fuel as gradual starts.

6. Reduce a/c usage : Use your air conditioner sparingly. 
   The use of air conditioning can reduce fuel economy by as much as 2 KMs per litre under certain speeds and operating conditions.

7. No Open Windows : When the weather is good it is tempting to wind the windows down and get some fresh air, but this tampers car's aerodynamics, which in turn consumes more fuel. The same applies to exterior add-ons.

8. Plan your routes in advance : Obvious, but getting lost uses up more fuel.

9. Don't be an idler : Switch OFF engine if you are waiting at signals/traffic jams for more than 2 minutes.   
10. Don’t consume battery : Battery recharge consumes fuel. 
    Don’t put radio ON if you are not listening to it. 
    Your additional head lamps, fancy lighting, 
    Or frequent LOUD horn usage, consumes more fuel.

11. Full Tank : Always fill your tank to full. 
  That way you are sure about the capacity of your tank and the amount of fuel that has actually been filled 
  and that there is no stealing done.

12. Turning vehicles : 
   You often come across a situation of taking a turn and going back.
   And at these turns if there is a slope present you often get tempted to take your vehicle front down the slope and then struggle to take the reverse there by consuming alot of acceleration and fuel.
   On the contrary if you first take your vehicle upwards and bring it in reverse gear using the slope, its not only comfortable driving experience but also reduced fuel consumption.

13. You are the traffic : Avoid traveling during rush hours if possible. Consider joining a car pool.

14. Unwanted weight : Avoid putting unwanted weight / load in your car. 
   This consumes more fuel during pickup and slowing down your vehicle. 
15. Avoid congested lanes : Hire a Auto rickshaw instead( parking your car at some safer parking lot ).

16. MyNewIdea : Fill up the vacant rear seating( with something like an air bag ). 
  This will avoid unnecessary cooling in the rear area thus reducing fuel consumption due to ac.
  We already have an accessory in the market that can be used with the cigarette lighter socket to inflate tyres.
  This same device can be used to fill the air in this air bag.
  This can be practised only when you are travelling a long distance and are sure that nobody would be occupying rear seats.

Santosh Deshmukh      Jan 19 2017 03:48 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General

                                    Problem Statement : Corruption in civil works has stormed the nation and potholes take a heavy toll on lives of common citizens

Proposed Solution : 


Santosh Deshmukh      Sep 03 2017 10:01 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative
Problem Statement : We often struggle to get hold of the door lock or latch and insert the key in the lock especially when its dark. 

 Proposed Solution : Design a key which has an inbuilt LED light and a button which can be used as a torch so that we can easily make out the key hole and open the lock with ease even in dark.
Santosh Deshmukh      Feb 27 2016 05:21 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General

                                    Problem Statement :  Right now families do not have repository of their relatives. They often struggle to get current address or phone number of their relatives if they have to send invitations. If a mobile app is created, it would certainly help to maintain latest information of relatives. Also it would be a wow factor if you get to know that someone is so closely related to you.
Proposed Solution :

Comments : There is a site but its focus is only on US families and is a paid one.
There is , initially free but to merge duplicate records , it charges $119 per month.
Santosh Deshmukh      Aug 08 2016 09:29 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Mobile App
Problem Statement : During rains the water get clogged up on the roads in almost all  cities in India.  One of the reason for this  water clogging is also due to the waste (like tree leaves, plastic) that choke the drainage system . To clean such waste sometime  the municipal corporation need to dig up the road or go in the main hole.
Proposed Solution : Install  buckets which has latticed screen(Jali) structure inside it . And these buckets should be inserted at the points from where the water enter the main holes from the road. So when next time clogging happen remove the bucket clean the latticed screen and remove the waste.This essentially means all the waste get stuck at the beginning and no need to dig hole to clean the clogging. This will potentially save money as well issues by citizens in day to day life. 
Abhishek      Jul 01 2016 12:41 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General

                                    Alum Ganesha : Very eco friendly to keep in house. It's submersion in rivers would help the dust, mud to settle down, thus helping in purifying the water.
Completely natural and eco-friendly way of celebrating Ganesh festival.

Thanks to Innovator : Shri Ramesh Khare, Pune, India.

Santosh Deshmukh      Aug 31 2017 11:41 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

                                    Problem Statement : If you loose the clip holder, here's how you can fix it.

Proposed Solution : Please see attachment.
Santosh Deshmukh      Jul 06 2017 07:56 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

Just a thought !
Problem Statement : Agencies in Pakistan which are actively working on faking Indian currency notes and using this money to fund terror outfits.

Proposed Solution : "Kashmir Belongs to India". If RBI's Press prints this line on every Indian currency note, Pakistani agencies will Stop faking our notes and ultimately terrorist groups will have no funding.
Santosh Deshmukh      May 12 2017 07:16 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

Rather than cooling full room, Cool only the bed. This company is situated in Ahmedabad.

Santosh Deshmukh      Jun 25 2017 02:48 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

                                    Problem Statement : Earlier old-style toilets in schools and common places use to emit lot of smell as the urinating would happen on the walls. It was unhygienic as well.

Proposed Solution : 13-year-old students from Tamil Nadu designed low-cost toilet urinals using 20-liter waste plastic bottles.

Santosh Deshmukh      May 05 2017 04:13 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

Many car drivers do not check the surrounding while opening the door of the vehicle. Seeing if something is coming from the behind before opening the door is crucial. One way to make sure that you always do that is to adopt and practice the technique called “Dutch Reach”.

Now, what exactly is ‘Dutch Reach’, and how does it save lives?

The Dutch Reach is a safety habit that is taught in the driving schools in Netherlands. The method states that you should always reach for the door handle with the farthest hand while getting out of the car. For example, if you’re sitting on the driver seat and want to get out, use your left hand to pull the door handle instead of right.

Using this technique will automatically ensure that head turns towards the door, with your eyes glancing for moving obstacles coming from behind. This way, you’ll be able to spot if some other vehicle or pedestrian is approaching from the rear. Following this method and making this a habit can save a lot of accidents that are caused due to carelessness.
Santosh Deshmukh      May 04 2017 05:57 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

                                    The Human Library Where You Borrow People Instead of Books. 
At Human Library a ‘reader’ checks out a person who is knowledgeable on a specific topic. The reader then book the person's time to ask him questions and learn about the topic. Human Library started in Denmark. Readers have the opportunity to borrow from - a police officer, a veteran, a single mom, a Muslim, a teacher, a refugee, a genealogist, an yoga expert, startup founder, elders woman for home made remedies, a chef to know the recipes
- the list goes on..already operational in 70 countries across the world..I liked the concept!!
Santosh Deshmukh      Apr 30 2017 01:00 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      New Product Ideas

Problem Statement : I am new writer and did not know how to publish a book.
Today, I wish to share my journey of publishing this book, the difficulties I faced and the shortcuts or helpful platform I came across, which made publication really very easy.

My name is Santosh Deshmukh, a software professional who is not an author but co-incidently published a book on innovation which encourages people to work on their ideas and not lose them. The book is "IdeaClicks -all about innovation" and is available on major online book stores in 180+ countries.

After encouraging people with this book to have ideas, I realized that there should be a platform where people should be able to record their ideas and hence I also created a portal "IdeaClicks(dot)in" where people can invite ideas on topics of their interest.

I worked with PayPal, a payment gateway company in Chennai and I use to drive innovation programs for almost 2600+ people in that location. I use to conduct idea brainstorming sessions and use to write BLOGS on company intranet to create general awareness, answer some commonly asked questions and help people to connect their ideas to right people who can fund their ideas.
The BLOGS were so useful that most of the new comers would get all the answers for
their queries. Kind of an FaQ. 
One fine day, while taking a walk on Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur beach, I explained my wife that how useful my BLOGS are proving to my colleagues. That is when she suggested me, "Why just within PayPal ? Why don't you take it to rest of the world ?". My natural question was how ? She suggested me to publish a book. So, therefore, I transferred all my BLOGS in a word document and kept on adding a story to each BLOG. "People love stories". :)

Simple mantra here was first scatter everything you have and then arrange/sequence it

I knew nothing about publishing and started searching online for self publishing.
That is when I came across a site called LeanPub(dot)com which helps you in writing your manuscript(learnt for the first time that your text content is called a manuscript) and also adding cover to your book. It also helps you in formatting, adding nice images and also publish it "incrementally". There are agents (on the same platform) who can help you to have greater reach of your book by taking a % commission( which I think is fair deal). 

So, all in all, for all those writers who are writing for the first time, explore leanpub(dot)com and I can bet it’s a one stop platform to help publish your book online. Importantly, its FREE !!!

Later, you can tie-up with any of the publisher (depending on what you are planning to publish) and share them all the content that you have built/baked on the lean pub platform. These guys take a hefty fees for publishing your book and making it available on Amazon, Flipkart, BarnesAndNoble, Walmart etc and also take 50% royalty in the sales. 

You have Apress(dot)com which helps you publish technical material, then you have Partridge for generic publication,, then its parent Penguine house, which publishes only for a creamy and celebrated layer.

Remember, images play a major role in publishing you book because readers these days just hate "only" textual content. And all these images have to be "your own" or purchased by you with copyright ownership.

You can buy nice images on websites like ShutterStock, DepositPhotos, ImageForest etc.

Lastly, I also had to do a bit of modelling with professional photographers to have nice pictures of me as an author to display on the book cover. 

I hope you were able to follow my pointers and hope it gives some insights to the fresh new authors,

you good luck in your publication journey.
Santosh Deshmukh      Apr 26 2017 08:05 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      New Product Ideas
Russi Modi, Chairman, Tata Steel, was holding a weekly meeting with tata steel staff at a football ground in Jamshedpur. 

A worker took up an issue. He said the Quality and hygiene of toilets for workers is very bad. Whereas, he pointed out that the cleanliness and hygiene of Executive toilets 🚽are always very good. 
Russi asked his top executive how much time he needs to set it right. He said a month. Russi said "I would rather do it in a day. Send me a carpenter."🙂

Next day, when the carpenter came, he ordered the sign boards to be swapped! The sign board on the "workers" toilet was changed to "Executives" and  Executive toilet to "Workers". 

Russi then gave instructions to change it back every fortnight!
The quality of both toilets became same in 3 days.

A solution that was immediate and lasting both! 😊

*Debriefing of this Story*

As a leader, it's your job to listen to the problem patiently but implement the solution quickly.

And also, always keep finding new ways to solve the problem quickly. The moment you get this mindset, your path from normal leadership to the great leadership like Russi Modi begins
Santosh Deshmukh      Apr 25 2017 01:10 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative
Issues We Face: 1.Emergency Contact Numbers in case of accident,car breakdown.
                           2.Lack of info about Surrounding (Ex.petrol pump ,hotels,hospitals)
                           3.Location Tracking by Family Members.
                           4.Mobile Signal Availability.
Solution: Build mobile application which will provide all these features.
virochan      Feb 10 2017 03:39 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Mobile App

                                    Problem Statement : Its always a challenge drying the grains. You have to protect from dust, birds and probably animals too.

Proposed Solution : Check the attached solution.
Santosh Deshmukh      Apr 07 2017 12:08 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative
Problem Statement : 

Proposed Solution :
Santosh Deshmukh      Apr 07 2017 04:39 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative
Problem Statement : Good morning santosh sir im arpita g kulkarni studying mca at git belgaum if you have any websites to make pelase give me incharge im very much intersted in making websites in holidays  and also provide me job oppourtines and also internship oppurtunity
Proposed Solution :
Guest User      Mar 24 2017 09:23 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Job Opportunity
Problem Statement : ideaclicks promotios
Proposed Solution : Approach news papers. Every week there is dedicated section on startups in Sakal (marathi) news paper(They also have english paper). As I understand they wont charge for the news. Visit their office near Shanivarwada and meet the reporters/officers and Demo them about the startup. 

I am sure other papers also must be having similar columns on startups. 
Sachin Mhetre      Feb 02 2017 04:27 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General
Problem Statement : Most of us have monthly delivery of NewsPaper at our home and its always difficult to keep track of how many times NewsPaper were delivered 
and when was the last bill paid. 

Not just that, its also difficult  for the vendor to track requests if we are planning to go out of station and do not need the NewsPaper delivered on certain dates.

Same is the case with Milk delivery.

Proposed Solution : Develop  mobile app which can track the Vendor, Client transactions and generates alerts to inform either of the parties.
Santosh Deshmukh      Apr 23 2016 03:18 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General

                                    Problem Statement : We see lot of commuters / students waiting long hours for their bus to come. Can there be a solution which tells them how long they will be waiting ?
Proposed Solution : Solution can be anything from a tracking device but it has to be holistic, economical and useful to all. 
Santosh Deshmukh      Jan 23 2017 05:45 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Challenge
Problem Statement : Currently we do not know list of WebSites in certain areas. Say if i wish to travel and want all the WebSites under one menu which can help me in planning my Travel( like Hotel related, Train Related, Cab related, Flight related )
Other eg : If i am a developer, I do not know what all technologies are currently making BUZZ and what are their websites where i can find info around these tech.
Proposed Solution :
Santosh Deshmukh      Jan 23 2017 05:51 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Challenge
If your car gets stuck in Sand, either on the beach or in desert then

use the rubber mats inside car to put them under the stuck tyre and your car will get pulled out smoothly outside the sand.
Santosh Deshmukh      May 15 2016 06:56 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General
Caste Discrimination has led to deep rooted problems that is affecting people of "OC". 
OC has become the most affected when it comes to the benefits given by Govt.
Reservation was started to give equality but instead has led to inequality and caste bias. This is actually becoming a talent drain for Indians and
 lot of talented people are flocking abroad.

Problems plaguing the system include:

Fee subsidies - (Tution fee, Competetive exam fee)

The tax that we pay to the Govt so that it comes back to us in the form 
of improvements.

 This caste system should be abolished and here,
 I voice my opinion in the form of the following solution:

- Tax exemptions should also be given to OC
- Reservation and financial aid should be given to people based on merit and their     financial status rather than caste
- Launching Special OC Rationshops with minimal service charges
Sravan Yerram      May 23 2016 04:05 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General
You are asked to fill up online form  at various locations :
1. While joining a new company
2. Registering on jobs portal (Naukri)
3. Passport/Visa office/Driving License
4. Bank a/c opening
5. Telephone/DTH/Internet connection
6. Hospitalisation
7. KYC documents for pension claims
8. School / College admission
9. Real Estate purchase/sale
10. Hotel stay

Everytime you fill up a form, you are asked with : 
1.Personal details, 
 2. Education details, 
 3. Professional details, 
 4. Bank details
5. Medical details and 
6. Government identity cards. PAN, AADHAR, Driving license 

 Create a portal which takes all this information at once and holds it against a UNIQ id. It then shares this information through APIs. So, everytime you have to fill an online form at any other site, a person just needs to enter UNIQ id and password and whole of the form gets automatically filled by retrieving the information from the centralised repository through the exposed APIs. Of course there needs to be an integration between these sites.
Santosh Deshmukh      Mar 04 2016 11:18 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      New Product Ideas

                                    Problem Statement : State transport buses have dull appearance and some creativity needs to be added. 
Proposed Solution : Introduce a WOW factor in our Bus designs. Like the one in attached picture. Please check attachment.
Santosh Deshmukh      Oct 19 2016 12:39 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General
I think we have to create application(App) of this site for our convenient. Its get easy to get touch with one another and with all Idea. Its like " Get Idea Click Idea". We can update our idea as soon as we get in our mind.
Swaranjali Nimbalkar      Apr 29 2016 03:33 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Technology
Problem Statement : 
Google maps show the same status of current traffic density to all. Suppose it shows no traffic on Road A, and this is viewed by 100 people and they start immediately hoping to reach their destination in time t. However 100 vehicle s on Road A clogs the road and leads to delays.

Proposed Solution : 
Maps should calculate from historical data of number of vehicles and speed and turns, how many vehicles can be accommodated and if this information is viewed by more than those people it can add to buffer in anticipation that those people will be on road.
The density information should also calculate time based on the regular route that a person takes, mapped against the route others take, from historical data. If more people are going zig zag, taking U turns, taking left/right, the density increases especially in India where people dont follow lane discipline.
Vishakha      Jun 25 2016 12:14 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Technology
Problem Statement :  Ideas can arise anytime, anywhere and to anyone. How many times in a day do we say "if only such a thing existed", "it would've been more usable if it were implemented this way". Sometimes we discuss it with others or put it on Facebook and to our surprise we find many takers. WE ARE INNOVATING!

But where do these small ideas go? We forget about it or let it go because we don't have the resources or inclination to record and implement our ideas. Some ideas have a potential of developing into breakthrough innovations, some can turn into successful businesses. SOME IDEAS CLICK! LET'S NOT LOSE THEM.

Proposed Solution : So we brought together idea generators-you and implementers-businesses. We've made it very easy to record your ideas, Seek/Give suggestions, find implementers or become one. Quality ideas would automatically surface, making it easy for decision makers without going through the hassles of manually filtering and sorting them.

What's more, you can win exciting rewards for being a part of it.

IdeaClicks is looking out for a promotional video (to explain the above) which is really catchy and has a global appeal to it.

The BEST video would receive a special place on our portal along with the INR 10K reward.

Reference Links :   OR google for Video making software

Santosh Deshmukh      Oct 17 2016 02:11 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Challenge
A word of caution for all New Idea Submitter
IdeaClicks encourages 24X7 idea submission with its portal “”. It simply means, if an idea strikes your mind, the first thing you should do is "submit it". But wait, there are some etiquette that one must follow while submitting an Idea. Are there similar ideas ?
Most of the New Users come from different geographies and different technological background. With the rich experience they carry, it becomes very obvious for bright minds to connect the dots and come up with bright ideas that fills the gaps that are present in the current system.
This is good and welcome gesture but do you know that there is a possibility that someone has already thought through on the same lines ? Yes there is a chance that someone has even submitted an idea on the same topic. What do you do ?
Lesson 1 : Search existing ideas using "KEYWORDS" before submitting any DUPLICATE idea.
What if similar idea is present but yours is a little different or is an extension to it ?
Lesson 2 : Team-up with like minded folks.
Believe me you are only going to get benefited by teaming-up and reap rich knowledge from the fellow idea submitter. Even if a question arises of PATENTING, we have examples where main patent would be in the name of first innovator and the extension of it would be with the second submitter.
Lesson 3 : Voice of Customer intranet (<hyper_link>) is the great source of repository to understand pain points in existing system. Many companies maintain this repository.
If there is a particular functionality that is bothering and you strongly feel that you have a solve, then it is advisable to first browse through some VOC calls around this functionality and see if you can consolidate few more pain points and come up with a holistic solution to address the end user experience end to end.
Now that you are sure that you surely want to submit one idea but wondering about its content and format to submit ? Take help from weekly ideation sessions.
Lession4 : Refer weekly brain storming sessions and the list of ideas presented so far to understand the idea presentation format.
A NewsLetter that covers the details of ideas presented in the weekly session and gets sent to the innovation group, plays an important role in ensuring that information is reaching to even those who could not participate in the sessions. Also idea presenters feel motivated by seeing their ideas being showcased in the publication.
Lesson 5 :Do not spam distribution lists. This way you sure are killing your idea by inviting negative votes from angry birds. Follow a protocol by mentioning text in the subject line using which people can filter out your innovation related emails if they do not want to get disturbed during their core working hours. Some text in Subject line as :[FYI] [IdeaClicks] [LABS] Use the weekly ideation / brain storming session. Here you have like minded people coming together and who are open for discussion.
Now that you are an active member of the innovation team, it become extremely important for you to know what platform your organization provides for innovation.
I am sure you are now a responsible innovator than what you were, before reading this.
Any doubts ? Feel free to reach out to innovation champions in your group.
Create Innovators list : DL-Innovation-Champions-All to self-join and be part of the innovation community.

Santosh Deshmukh      Oct 19 2016 01:14 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General
Problem Statement : Current dictionaries are full of words which are not in our regular use. We are interested in only few meaningful words which would helps in articulating our speech in public.
Proposed Solution : Comeup with new Dictionary which has limited but effective and meaningful words. And these words we can refer often and use them in our day to day talks.

eg : anguish, concise, rebellion, passionate, curious, 
Santosh Deshmukh      Nov 20 2016 11:21 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      New Product Ideas
Problem Statement : A large number of aspiring writers fail to get their books published from renowned publishers. An alternative to it is self-publishing, but they lack the expertise and knowledge. It is also an expensive business proposition.
Proposed Solution : Developing a self-publishing and online selling platform that offers writers an end-to-end solution, right from getting their manuscript checked and edited, designing their cover, and helping through the entire process for e-book and printed book publishing. Assistance with Kindle publishing will also be provided. 
Looking for collaborators to begin this project with more executable ideas.

Aalok Swamy      Oct 18 2016 12:15 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      General
Problem Statement : I am thinking on way of smart problem is related to street light.The lots of street light lamps are has be fault and off condition some times,so after lots of tym they register complaint and repair it..on this all complaints no control any munciple corporation. So on this problem my idea is best solution on it.
Proposed Solution :So in this new concept solve street light problem.when any street light lamp are off condition , then nearable street light immediatly send complaint to munciple corporation and this complaint is register and also send all info abt street light. And to take immediate action from munciple corporation.On all system control under munciple corporation officer..Thanks..
Nikhil      Oct 24 2016 06:38 PM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Creative

With my interactions through different forums, seminars, guest lectures, people tend to ask this very basic question. I have an idea but why should I share it ? Whats in for me(WIFM) ?

India is still evolving and maturing with the culture of innovation. People still do not feel excited for having ideas or accept the fact that "ideas can change lives".

There is skepticism about sharing ideas. Questions pop-up like, its my idea, someone might build a big business out of it. Will I get a reward for it ?

The answer is : You just have an idea and having an idea is just 1% of the effort. The actual 99% credit lies in baking the idea, moving it forward, incorporating suggestions, comments, making nimble prototypes and implementing it holistically

I have an idea, but its just an idea, I can't implement it myself 

Answer : Nobody is an all-rounder. We first need to share our idea with like minded folks, team-up with those who wish to champion your idea and lend their expertise to successfully implement your idea

I have an idea, but can I patent it

Answer : There are law-firms that deal with idea patenting and can help you through the process by first signing a non-disclosure agreement with you and charging a nominal fees for searching and filing a patent

I have an idea, will I get investors 

Answer : Investors these days have become very choosy because of the HIGH mortality rate of the StartUps. Its not easy to convince investors unless you have a strong, active userbase or you are booking profits with strong projections

Well, The first step still remains, sharing your idea

And is the place where everyone can innovate

-If you are a Housing Society, you can create a Private Group and discuss ideas within your group

-If you are a Traffic Police Department and wish to invite ideas from citizens, you can Create Public Group so that people can join themselves and share their ideas / suggestions with you

-If you are a Corporate and wish to have both Private Group to invite ideas internally from employees, as well as Public Group to invite ideas across the nation, you can have multiple groups created with multiple admins managing each of these groups

-If you are an Education Institute and wish to portray bright ideas / products built by students, you can create Public Group so that your ideas are visible to everyone

Happy Innovation !

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Here's some anti-advice. Take it whichever way it works for you..

10. Keep it to yourself.

Absolute guarantee it’ll not see the light of the day. Soon somebody else will bring something similar to the table, and you’ll say, “ year 2010, I was thinking about the same thing”. 

9. Improve it – on paper. 
It’s just an idea, which needs to be refined. Analyze and analyze again, create scenarios in your head but don't experiment, don't ask the customers.

Keep going with thoughts over thoughts …till you get the feeling, it’s not going anywhere. WIth little to show for the idea will soon be out of your mind.

8. Don’t time it.
When product release is only a few months away, you come up with a great design idea and try to get others involved into it. People may like it but they have no time to invest into it…soon it’ll be forgotten. 

7. Don’t tailor it: If it worked for them, it’ll work for you too. 
You discovered a great idea that is working wonders in another place…and believe that it will do the same for you. After all it’s a great idea…it’s got to work. Like serving the American favorite ‘cheese burger’ to Indian consumers.

6. Don’t worry about Practicality & Cost
Believe that if it’s a really good idea, it must be implemented at all costs. Who cares about the benefits it brings in. 

5. Think of the impact in isolation
When evaluating the impact of an idea, think of the benefits and problems as if it’s the only idea (or process) in play. It appears to work great standalone, who cares that there's never a real scenario. 

4. Be skeptical, worry about failure
Question it all the time. When putting effort into it, worry about what will happen if it fails…be tense…take extra defensive measures. The more you think about failing, closer you will be to killing it.

3. Be the only champion 
It’s your idea and it should be seen like that. If someone else talks about it, make sure you add your own comments to it, correct the language if possible. Soon people will stop trying to champion it.

2. Pursue many of them together
There are so many good ideas you have, which deserve implementation. Start them together, so focus is lost, costs are high and people are confused. Most ideas will die soon..

1. Don’t follow up – Slow Death
Let it die a slow death…like most good ideas do. Start implementation…do it one week, skip it next week…be erratic and let other priorities take over. Results won’t show, slowly interest will be lost…soon nobody will remember it.

Mission accomplished!

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                                    Image says it all. Please refer attached image.
Our homes are designed in such a way that we use separate water for bathing, hand wash and separate for toilet flush.
Can we design future houses which accumulates  hand wash and bath water so that it can be used for toilet flush whenever required. That toilet flush be either yours or belongs to a person staying below.
This way we will save a lot of water, almost half of the water which we waste today.
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Here is a device I am working on. Its called a Manual Ripper.
You can see a photo below of the design sketch.
Just after the first rain, the ground in our garden or estate gets damp and soft. Over time during the rainy season a lot of weeds and wild grass grow. Also you need to turn the soil over and loosen the earth so  that new saplings and seeds can be planted.The monsoon season is the best season for new plantings as the roots grow fast and get a good grip in the soil.

I plough the soil, rip it apart and loosen it so that the porosity is improved and the roots can find their way. I also install small diameter plastic tubes to allow air and oxygen to aerate the soil and oxygenate the root areas. This is the time for adding the organic compost that I produce myself by shredding all the dry leaves months ahead and allowing them to compost.

All this needs loose earth. How do you do this effectively yourself? You cannot get manual workers these days for digging the soil. They are better employed doing other skilled work. Also the manpower rates in Bengaluru are high and not affordable. The solution is to do it yourself.

As you can see from the design sketch that I have made, a simple wooden frame is fabricated. At one end is a large diameter wheel. This gives  good traction whilst moving. At the other end is a well supported handle to push the ripper.

Below the frame are mounted 3 blades with  curved profiles made out of spring steel or high carbon steel. A blacksmith can forge these blades easily. The blades are mounted in a triangular arrangement to improve their reach and area coverage. Whilst the forward blade rips and cuts the soil, the rear blades deepen the furrow and turn the soil over.

By pushing the device and pressing down from the handle, an efficient soi
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                                    Ministry of Information & Broadcasting :

In India, ministry of information and broadcasting has allocated certain number of channels to each city depending on the type of city whether tier1 or tier2. Metros have around 12 channels allocated where as other tier1 cities have around 8 channels allocated. Not all the channels get sold in the auction that the ministry conducts.

We can participate in the auction and purchase 1 channel and have a setup to start our own radio and broadcast ideas after every song we play. We can also have interviews of renounced people who are actively involved in the field of innovation.                        
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Advertising for Ideaclicks through hordings at the back of Auto Rikshaw.

we can make a contract with Auto Rikshaw owners for displaying Ideaclicks Hording at the back of the Rikshaw.
we should pay them Rs 200 a Month and every month they show us the advertisement we will pay them .

we can also try other options like Display on PMT Buses and other places.
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Political leaders/social workers are always interested in identifying a cause they can work on which will be appreciated by the masses.

They can use this portal to create their own group and invite ideas from their followers.

This can be a major strategy for IdeaClicks to reachout till the grass root level of the society.
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for Marketing our product we can Advertise through Pro kabaddi .
Prashant      Apr 10 2016 09:49 AM      IdeaClicks      Default Campaign      Marketing
Effective marketing of Ideaclicks

If we hire people from colleges/ organization as a IdeaClicks brand ambassador to promote this site and our work then it will definitely get spread quickly and will be viral in minimum time. I think every body must be having friends, relatives, juniors in different colleges/ organizations who can help us to spread IdeaClicks. By hiring does not mean we need to pay them. We can arrange a small party and invite all the brand ambassador across colleges/organization, show them how we are associated with a social cause and all. I think this will work .  Go IdeaClicks!!!
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