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Tips to handle #Corona / #Covid19 patients

Dear friends.
COVID-19 is here
Social distancing is the mantra.
But for us, In service proximity and protocol is the tantra.

Pandemic is smarter and effective than the doctors, try and surpass its smartness by being extremely efficient.

Protect yourself first then only you will be able to take care and save lives

Do not risk and expose yourself to unproven medications or chemotherapeutic agents as for some it may have more ill effect than the benefits.

Exercise and keep yourself fit physically and mentally cardiopulmonary fitness is a must

Pandemic is not an emergency in the clinical term hence get optimally protected before you handle the patient.

Don’t be rash and fall into your own trap, that nothing can happen to you, remember pushing yourself into quarantine is losing an effective warrior.

Do not be casual towards history taking and examination, check the patient’s dorsum of left hand or else you might miss the stamp..quarantined

Care for and be responsive to your fellow HCPs.

Own your responsibility so that the healthcare system does not crackdown.

This is the time to express solidarity towards colleagues and community.

Never ever ask, why me and not him or her

Your specialty, super specialty,designation or position shouldn’t be the barrier in taking up the responsibility.

This war can only be won if we the HCPs stay United and convert this fight into the people’s movement…JAN ANDOLAN.

Save your energy don’t waste it in fault finding missions your energy is so powerful and valuable

Be innovative every day to generate quick fixes for the situations you face based on rationale!

Do not sacrifice your sense of humor as it enhances immunity.

Do not neglect or postpone the hydration.
Empty the bladder as frequently as you can.

When you are in PPE there is no chance to achieve both mentioned above, l have some workable solutions. Let us wait, and see whether we can put to practice .

Please be clean shaven.
Grass cut at the top.
For me Corona can not hold on to anything as it’s all shining.

I am very sure all the medical students will respond to the call of duty whenever warranted

keep your spirit high.
Never say die.Never give up
Clap for each other every day.

Dr Shahaji Deshmukh

Bharati Vidhyapeeth University medical college, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

7 Comment

  1. Dr.Priya Patil

    We have to stand in unison and fight back. We together can become stronger than COVID 19 and defeat it. With you sir👍👍

  2. Dr. Limaye R P

    Quite an encouraging writeup. The stress on all the important aspects make it a wholesome idea to think and implement. 🙏🙏

  3. Dr. Ashish Kumar Yadav

    Once we as juniors are convinced that we are working under a well directed leadership, we will give our best possible service towards mankind… waiting for the guidelines and approach and feeling determined to do some real ground work now.

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