Step 1 : Digital Presence Creation

AI Based Digital Marketing : Increase 90% traffic with Google Tools and close leads with strong AI Sales, AI Review Assistants

Having absolutely ZERO digital presence means your business is growing purely through referrals. You may want to connect with New Patients whom you do not know but you have their personna in mind. eg : What age group they fall, what gender they are, what profession they work, which location they come from

Once this personna is defined, we Paint a beautiful online picture of your business, so that your prospective clients are able to connect with you

They will now be able to :

  • Call you
  • Search Direction – locate your business
  • Visit your Website

For businesses like Healthcare, where making outbound calls is not permitted, this Digital Presence Creation serves as a perfect solution which generates inbound leads for your business when people search for the services that your business provides

We also do a One Time – Social Media Setup, based on which Social Media sites suit your business growth

  • Facebook setup – mostly all businesses need this
  • LinkedIn profile setup – Doctors, Corporates
  • Instagram setup – Hotel, Fashion industry
  • Twitter setup – Celebrities, Influencers