Digital Promotion of Doctors in India

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Digital Promotion of Doctors

As a part of code of medical ethics by MCI, doctors are not allowed to advertise themselves. They cannot invite attention to their professional position, skill, qualification, achievements, attainments, specialties, appointments, associations, affiliations or honors.

A medical practitioner is however permitted to make a formal announcement in press regarding the following:
On starting practice
On change of type of practice
On changing address
On temporary absence from duty
On resumption of another practice

However, as a professional, one would always want to connect with more and more people to keep his practice up to date and earn a steady income.

Google My Business page is a perfect tool that helps you create a professional Digital Presence, list down the services you offer, update your professional details, contact number and location. Patients would then be able to find you out through Google Search

Remember, there is no advertisement, or promotions through paid campaigns etc

This is how your Digital Presence would look like

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