How AI will Transform Sales Function and Fuel Revenue Growth in the Future

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More than 75 percent of companies are deploying AI to accelerate sales and marketing, automate day to day repeatable tasks and deliver the ultimate customer delight.

AI algorithms and pattern recognizers are powering massive amounts of calculations and decisions because they can find patterns in data, that are difficult for a human to decipher. AI is an evolving technology that is enhancing our productivity.

Artificial intelligence as per Techopedia defines as a branch of technology that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become a core part of every industry today. Research associated with artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized into multiple streams like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Generation, and Natural Language Processing. The core problems of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain traits such as Speech recognition, Natural Language Generation, Reasoning, Problem-solving, Perception & Learning.

The adoption of artificial intelligence is in every domain today, whether machines that work in nuclear reactors or other hazardous environments that is life-threatening for humans, to your latest app like Alexa, Google assistant, Siri and plethora of other voice command based personal assistants that can book an Uber for you or search the web or order groceries on Amazon.

Experts are divided on the impact of AI on humanity but as innovation’s course goes whether it is the invention of the wheel or adoption of AI it will be inevitable.

Sales and marketing domain are one of the early adopters of artificial intelligence. One survey found more than 60% of leading sales and marketing companies have already adopted while the rest will be on the bandwagon in the next few years.

Why artificial intelligence or AI works for sales and marketing, below are just a few reasons:

  • AI enabled tools deployed in these fields are based on best practices in sales and marketing domain, like product recommendation engine and automatic lead qualification based on SCOTSMAN or BANT scores through an intelligent ever learning algorithm.
  • AI-based sales assistant will contact every lead and will never miss or drop a lead receiving a 100% score on the quality of follow-ups that result in maximizing any organization’s growth and increasing the bottom line.
  • Artificial intelligence enables targeted and personalized campaigns that are highly customer-centric, making the end user i.e. the customer feel highly valued and delighted with the experience.

Artificial Intelligence in SALES

The world wide web driven by Moore’s law has made it super easy to reach the entire globe of potential buyers in a few keystrokes. But the downside of this is that your competition can also do the same. You need to create competitive differentiation so that customers are drawn to your product or solution.

Below are the few things where artificial intelligence can help improve your sales funnel, exponentially.

AI can perform mundane tasks enabling your Salesforce to have a laser focus on things that matter the most i.e. sales closures

Most sales professionals spend their time on repetitive tasks like data entry into a CRM, writing emails or making phone calls to qualify & convert leads into opportunities that take away their valuable time and focus from sales closures and achieving targets.

In fact, advance research shows that up to 80% of sales reps time goes into emails & phone calls just to qualify leads. They are only left with 20% of the time to focus on sales closures.

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize sales by intelligently automating mundane tasks driven (by machine learning) of sorting & qualifying MQLs & SQLs and reaching out to potential customers or existing customers convert them into Hot Leads/Opportunities and then handing them to the sales team increasing the lead to an opportunity to sales closures conversion ratios and positively impacting the bottom line.

AI as a secret hand behind every salesperson.

Certain AI tools are huge number crunchers, pattern recognizers analyzing huge amounts of end user data in milliseconds. These unique qualities in Artificial Intelligence make AI sales assistants the best friend of a salesperson by arming them with targeted content and opening new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell that are laser-focused on each customer’s individual needs.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to analyze information holistically encompassing current relationships in an account, explore possible new opportunities with existing or dormant customers. It can also help salespeople tap into areas that a human would ignore or better defined as opportunity loss in the sales domain

Artificial Intelligence driven Sales Assistant is a monster number cruncher.

Though sales is a very intuitive process, seasoned salespeople always have an idea based on their experience no matter how vague. It is based on their gut instinct or as per their past experience, about which deal is likely to close or which customer will bite the bullet. This instinctive knowledge is usually based on both sales experience and some good old fashioned optimism and guesswork as we call it luck! New AI driven sales tools, however, beat the inexperienced or new sales professionals to dust while identifying potential leads by taking the guesswork out of the equation. They do this by the huge crunching of numbers analyzing buyer personas, which allows it to pinpoint not only leads but also predict solutions and buyer behavior. They are even able to preemptively and proactively suggest products that the potential customers might be interested in based on past patterns.

Although data available to salespersons in the field without the use of AI-driven sales tools are limited to their own experiences, intuition, and perhaps the sales strategies that your company ingrained in them via rigorous sales training. All of these come up short, especially when you consider that a sheer amount of data relevant to the sales cycle that can be generated in an organization in just one financial year.

AI can increase your Sales funnel without the need for more sales personnel

If you are like most for-profit companies, you’re always looking for ways to increase the bottom line. The traditional way to do this has been to hire more and more salespeople. However, doing this means increasing the HR & Operational costs, which may actually drive your revenue down.

AI-driven tools are the perfect solution for scaling revenues without increasing the Capex. They allow salespersons to focus on sales closures, AI in the background using both Machine Learning & Deep Learning can analyze how top-performing salespeople work and share the best practices with the rest of the sales team. This provides valuable guidance to new or poorly performing teammates the knowledge they need to improve in performance.

Who are we and how can we help you?

We, IdeaClicks, are an Artificial Intelligence based Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on Inbound Lead Generation by Creating Digital Presence of your business, Lead Nurturing & Followup using 7Targets AI Sales assistant.

The Inbound Lead Generation is done using various Google and Microsoft Business Tools.

IdeaClicks digital design solutions, understanding the soul of your business, assessing the current digital presence of your business, outlining a right set of Tools that would paint a beautiful online picture of a business. In simple words, we use the right AI tools and technologies that can bring the value of AI to your business.
Using our previous experience of scaling and selling our earlier startup, we are now helping a lot of newer startups to better market themselves in US and India markets, to venture capitalists,  and to end customers. We are also enabling them to have an effective digital presence in India on GeM and on Google My Business. You have scissors and you can cut your own hair,  but a professional touch from a barber, always helps.

The Lead Nurturing, Followup is done using 7Targets AI Sales Assistant is super effective way of sending 7 emails to 7 decision-makers (the C level executives) so that the possibility of closing the deal is high. The 7Targets AI Sales Assistant is just like a human assistant and you can even name it like Pranjali, Sonia, based on your geographical location.

It works 24X7, no weekly off, no Holiday, No Salary raise, remembers the context of previous communication, understands Out of Office (OOO) messages and reconnects on appropriate dates, And it learns on it’s own using Machine Learning(ML) algorithms on how to handle future Sales followup requests.

To grow your business, get qualified leads, expand the customer base, enter new markets, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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