Unable to Convert ? Create a good quality Landing Page

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How would you feel to have people visit your site and leave it without taking any action? You put in a lot of effort for your site to rank well and invite visitors to your site and they end up scrolling through and leaving your page!

You have already spent your monthly SEO budget, your social media marketing is strong, your outbound email marketing is working just fine, and you have all the traffic coming to your landing page but your pages are not converting. Now that’s more like “so close yet so far”.

You definitely don’t want this to happen. Here’s how you can use these simple tips to create good quality landing pages that convert. If you want to download a ready checklist to score the quality of your landing page, it is provided at the bottom of this blog.

First, before you start working on the various elements on your landing page, ensure that you follow these two rules of engagement.

  • The first one being “Is this for me ?” Answer this first question that comes to your visitor’s mind clearly and precisely. Your visitor is likely to take not more than 5-6 seconds to decide whether to browse further or not. State the purpose in a clearly defined manner or you will find your traffic leaving from this point itself.
  • This is followed by the second question, “Can I trust you?” Be very specific and relevant with your offering and what you showcase on your landing pages. Add customer testimonials. Videos help quite a bit in giving clarity of your offerings and establishing some amount of trust by virtue of someone seeing you.

Now it’s time to quickly polish the quality your elements to create landing pages that convert:

1. Amazing Headline

To begin with, have an amazing headline for your page which is short, simple and result oriented. This is the element that not only engages your visitor but they also take a call whether to stay on the page or leave the page.Your headline must be followed with a strong subheadline.

2. Wonderful Picture

You need not have a slider with multiple images. Less is more. One superb picture will work just fine for your page.

3. Explanation

A well-defined explanation for your visitors to know why you do what you do. What makes you special and different from others.

4. Value Proposition

This is one of the most crucial elements of your landing page. You must define the benefits, gains, value proposition of your offerings in a clear cut way. How will your visitors’ life or business get better if they choose to avail your products/services. These benefits have to create a direct impact on their decision thereby making them feel that they have been missing out on it all this while.

5. Consistent Flow of the Page

Normally your landing page is expected to be short and simple, and maintain a logical flow starting from

  • Explanation
  • Benefits/Value Proposition
  • Testimonials
  • Call To Action

This will allow your visitors to easily skim through your page quickly without taking much time.

6. Identify the Pain

Correctly identify the problem your visitor is facing and why would they need your service. This will help you to accordingly curate your page to give them what they are looking for.

7. Something Delightful

Your visitors are more likely to be motivated to avail your service if you fulfil a desire by quickly adding something like Imagine being ranked on the top or What if you could be ranked on the top. This puts them in a delusion and make them wonder as to what would happen if this were to be true.

8. Trustworthy Testimonials

Your testimonials speak more about your services than you yourself. They define you! People like to learn from others’ experiences and build a perception based on that.

Your testimonials must be relevant to your products/services.They must ideally be displayed along with their

  • Name
  • Company name (If any)
  • Photo
  • City

9.  Multiple Methods of Contact

Make it easy for your visitors to reach out to you in all possible, preferred and convenient ways. You may lose out on a lead if you don’t make it easy enough for them to reach/contact you.Include phone, email, text message, whatsapp, social media, a form, map,etc. whatever works best for them.

10. A Guarantee

Can you guarantee results to your visitors ?

If yes, then go ahead and put up powerful commitments such as “Grow Traffic to your website within a week”. Such statements are appealing to the audience. Make sure that in the course of doing so, you do not mention something that is not very believable.

11. Powerful Call To Action (CTA)

Use power words that are obvious to locate. Make your CTAs stand out with the right colours that just pop up on your page and grab the users attention. Orange for instance, is a powerful colour to be used for your CTA button.

12. Trust Indicators

Include client logos, affiliations, certifications,etc. to build trust in your offerings. Also, make sure that you explain what value your certifications hold and what they actually mean else they would be as good as meaningless to a lot of your visitors.

13. Videos

A video is a great way of engaging your audience and helping them to learn in detail.

However, avoid trying to sell in your video and rather choose to be more helpful. Tell them what your service would do for them rather than selling your service.

Make them understand how you are an expert at what you do.

14. A/B Testing

Try making small changes to your page and see the change in behaviour patterns of your visitors. Try changing the

  • Buttons
  • Pictures
  • Title, etc.

15. Seamless Grammar

Incorrect english or minor grammatical errors puts off your visitors’ interest in your site and results in a lead lost. Improve your copy and make sure your grammar is impeccable.

16. Remove the Ability to Navigate

Follow the flow of the page and do not invite visitors to go away by asking them to go to some other page to perform any action.


Your landing page is what you create to convert your visitors into leads.

Hence be assured that you will get it right by using these simple tips to create a Good Quality Landing Page that converts. To download a checklist of the above tips that will score your landing page

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