Increase traffic by 90%

One factor that has delighted our customers the most is “New Leads Discovering Business”. See some of the success stories to see how we managed this massive increase.


Storytelling with Emotion

Once the customer realizes the value of your offering, we capture the emotion. We setup a story telling workshops to articulate and convey this emotion as a central part of viral content building.


AI Sales Assistants

Engage EVERY lead. Use 24x7 AI Sales Assistants to convert leads. Deploy AI Review Assistants to manage all reviews and keep a customer delighted.

Lower CAC and Increase CLV

Two metrics for key for any business, particularly SaaS B2B business. Low customer acquisition cost and high customer lifecycle value. We are very focused on ensuring that our solutions adhere to these metrics. Our inbound marketing efforts is around creating valuable content that has a long life to reuse the marketing dollars.  Our AI Sales Assistant reduce CAC further down by helping in engaging and categorising hundreds of leads into COLD | WARM | HOT buckets, enabling efficient sales. To help retain customers and reduce churn, our AI Review Assistant ensures that all reviewers are also engaged and their review comments are attended to swiftly.

Increase in Leads
Lift in ROI
Increase in Conversions
Decrease in ECPA

Get tips & tricks on how to skyrocket your sales.

A strong lead funnel, a extremely streamlined lead generation process and a strong sales force that quickly follows up are known to all. The trick in having higher sales lies in how repeatable each of these processes are, and how many of them are using AI technologies to remove unwanted leads as early as possible without wasting human energy. A professionally created presence using SEO and Google My Business (GMB) gets the funnel flowing. A excellent SEO expert helps to organically grow your business enquiries. Most leads fall through the crack post this step. Use a AI Sales Assistant like 7Targets to help engage 100% of the leads. Use AI Review Assistant to ensure high Rating and Reviews from customers. Use AI conversation compare to enable sales on a daily basis instead of waiting for a quarterly sales win/loss analysis. IdeaClicks is more than happy to help on each of these tip to get your sales percentages rise.


Lead generation

Services to ensure continuous lead generation with optimum balance of human intervention and latest AI automation tools


Painting the online picture of your business

Creating the exact online replica of your physical business has become extremely important. We ensure your brand is clearly understood so that we do justice too what you stand for and where you want to go.


Monitoring the Organic growth

Inbound marketing is the holy grail! Building a wonderful experience and closely monitoring the organic growth of your business, responding to Ratings & Reviews in timely manner, are some of the practises that help business growth.


Analytics & Insights & Actions thereof

Numbers help businesses in understanding potential customers and actual conversions. We help take strategic decisions based on this data along with providing a sleek user experience to end customers.


Optimization & Testing

Iterative A/B testing, AI Assistants, and AI Chatbots provides efficient and effective mechanisms of nurturing and generating more leads resulting in optimised flow.


Cross Sales Marketing

Have you sold everything you have to existing customers? Create focused campaigns to earn more and improve CLV (Customer Life Cycle Value)


Is your site always up and available?

Just creating a fantastic site is not the end of the job. Ensure your site is up and running all the time with IdeaClicks monitoring tools


They Trust Me

We do deep research and assessment of your business and find the exact value that connects your leads with your business. We earn your TRUST from thereon.