Interesting Ideas

Leaders do not have answers to all the top challenges.

Answers come from people who work closely with the problem. Traditional ways of Emails, Suggestion & Complain box involves man hours effort in sorting and filtering ideas. A solution that would take your worries and help you focus on your business.

To setup "innovation portal" for your enterprise :
Register as User
Create New Group
Invite members
Add Topics of interest
Submit & View ideas on given Topics
Configure Rewards
Graphical Reports for quick decision making
Happy Innovation !

How It Works

Exactly the same natural way, a human would think !

Register as User.

You are a watchful person and always wanted to have smart things around.
You get smart ideas whenever you come across some basic human problems.
You refuse to live with problems and eager to find smarter ways of doing things in your daily life.
You look at problems with a different perspective to solve them in a smarter way.
You want to record your ideas and receive feedback.

So, Register as User. Use a valid Fill in profile details and Upload decent images for profile completion.

Upon successful registration, you can join existing groups to contribute ideas OR Create New Groups to invite ideas.

Create New Group

By creating a group, you setup a complete innovation platform where people can collaborate and discuss ideas.
You can think of the Top Challenges that your group faces and define Topics to invite ideas.
Uploading cover image and logo helps in brand building and easy identification of your group.
Configure Rewards to motivate group members for submitting more ideas.
You can create Private OR Public groups based on the idea visibility and approval needs.

So, who can Create New Groups :
Enterprises willing to be future ready and staying relavant.
Govt Offices who wish to invite ideas from citizens in different civic areas.
Banks who need an online Suggestion & Complain box for customers.
Housing Societies willing to invite ideas from members on different Topics like cost saving, maintenance etc
Students who want to work upon their own ideas till the time they hunt for a job.

Think Ideas.

Discuss ideas. Like and Comment on each other's ideas to promote and move them forward.
Quality ideas would surface by way of positive responses.
Once an idea receives considerable amount of Likes and Comments, Group Admin can change the status of idea from Submitted to BUZZWORTHY
There are nine different stages that your ideas passes through, to get Successfully Implemented.

Claim Rewards !!!

Rewards are a great motivational tokens that help in generating lot of ideas.
You earn reward points for every positive activity that you do on this portal.
These reward points can then be claimed in respective groups.
Request your Group Admin to configure Rewards for your Group, if he has not done so.

Why Choose Us


Experience Team

Lead by an innovation maven who is an award winner for his efforts in driving innovation programs for an MNC in IT industry. He has captured his experience in form of a book "IdeaClicks -all about innovation" which is available on Flipkart, Amazon, Walmart and major online book store network in 180+ countries.


Easy Platform

To setup an innovation portal for your Enterprise. Define Topics which would be useful while submitting ideas. Start submitting ideas and notice the automatic sorting and filtering of ideas. Quality ideas surface by way of votes and comments.


Well Trusted

We value your ideas and promise the highest level of confidentiality. Hosted on Amazon(AWS) cloud for data security and good performance.

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